Tagger Buket sent to county bucket

Cyrus Yazdani, better known as “buket” the tagger who posted his exploits on YouTube, pleaded guilty to 32 counts of felony vandalism and admitted a special allegation that the damage exceeded $50,000.

As a result he’ll get 314 days of county jail time, 256 hours of graffiti removal time and five years fo formal probation.

He received the sentence despite objections from the prosecution, which sought state prison time for the prolific tagger, who may have recently posted on this blog.

Here’s the infamous video:


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  • Geezus

    That’s not Buket at the beginning of this video. That’s Evidence of the LA hip hop group Dilated Peoples. He was mistakenly arrested because he appears at the beginning of this video. But he was quickly released after it was clear who he was. And that’s not Buket who posted on your blog. I spoke with him half an hour ago and he said he’s never even been on this website. And he doesn’t go by Buket anymore. ;P