Gunman intended to flee to Iowa, not Canada

COVINA — Covina police reported late Saturday that an airplane ticket found with the body of Covina massacre suspect Bruce Pardo was not to Canada, mas initially reported by the coroner’s office, but rather was a ticket for a Canadian airline to Moline, Ilinois, on the Iowa border with a stop in St. Paul.

From there, Pardo had made plans to be picked up by from the airport by a friend in Iowa with whom he intended to stay, Covina police Lt. Pat Buchanan said.

His plans obviously derailed, however, as he was found at his brothers home dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound hours after the attack.

Pardo had suffered severe burns in the attack, police said, which may have prevented him from fleeing.

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  • peachpie

    There aren’t any Canadian airlines serving Moline. I should know; I was just there on Friday.

  • NL

    Yes there is . . . most major airlines traveling to the Northern states subcontract with Canadair Jet. Even though you depart on an American, Delta or Northwest flight, you might be be placed on a sister-airline during the layover.

  • Frank, Who was Pardo going to “stay with” back in Iowa? I’m from that area and would love to know. Thanks!