Nearly a week since the Christmas Eve Massacre, a Covina neighborhood is struggling to return to normal. Reports of media, looky-loos even a random politician or two have filtered into the newsroom.

I’ll be heading out there about 11:30 a.m. to take a look myself.

How long is it appropriate for this sort of thing to go on?

We’re wondering that here today. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share them.

Here’s some of the most recent stories recanting the tale of Bruce and Sylvia Pardo and the Christmas Eve Massacre:

KTLA: Authorities using dental records to identify victims.

Houston Chronicle: Thirteen children orphaned (from the LA Times).

Brian Day in the SGV Tribune: Details continue to emerge.


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  • mike alerich

    The SGV Tribune staff did a outstanding job on this tragedy but I think the point has been made: Hold your family close.

  • Lisa

    You can’t put a time frame on something like this! The people, especially the children will live with this the rest of their lives. I did not personally know this family, but my sister and her family live two doors away from some of the victims…it’s tragic! And I’m sick of hearing how people who knew Pardo can’t beleive he would do something like this…well he did and he needs to stop receiving any posotive press…he was a sick man!
    God bless those who will mourn their losses!

  • mwt

    I think for friends and family, mourning at the site can go on for a long time, and is appropriate. I live in an area with a disproportionate number of newsworthy deaths, and the memorials and visits sometimes last for years (this is not a gang area–yet–so these places have not become sites for extending animosities). However, I think after the initial range of facts has been disseminated media should leave the incident alone except for germane updates; confirmation of victim IDs and any attendant story (i.e. surprises, and any judicial or police follow-up, which seems less important in this case (also barring surprises–alleged accomplices or whatever). Especially since this blog is available, readers who want the back story have an easy, excellent place to go without laboriously searching news or archives.

  • mt

    One more thought–ongoing media attention to the site is a magnet for the looky-loos, the obsessed/mentally ill and others that relatives, friends and neighbors don’t want intruding on genuine grief.

    Thanks again for the blog and for your thoughtful approach.