Pardo’s chilling plot may have extended beyond Covina

Brian Day reports that KFI’s top-notch crime reporter Eric Leonard upped the ante in the tale fo Bruce Pardo this afternoon.

Leonard is reporting that Pardo planned to not only kill the Ortega family, but expected to find his own mother at that same Christmas party.

Additionally, Leonard is apparently reporting that Pardo’s second getaway car, was located close to the home of Scott Nord, the attorney who handled Sylvia Pardo’s divorce case. The workign theory is that Pardo plotted to kill Nord and his family before making a final getaway.

Brian’s working up a version of the story that we will release on line as soon as the details become clear.

Here’s a link to Leonard’s latest piece on the Christmas Eve massacre.

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  • David Markland

    Personally, I’m suspicious that the near drowning of Pardo’s son was “accidental” – this guy is clearly a sociopath, and wouldn’t be outside this sort of personality to possibly be rid of something he saw as a burden. While Pardo was bedside while his son recovered, he abandoned him and didn’t even tell his new wife about the son, who Pardo continued to list as a tax exemption… not exactly the actions of man burdened by guilt.

  • suspucious2

    Your story says he sistematically killed nine people, execution style. How do you know that? When the coroner hasn’t even released cause of death yet? You dipping on the juice too much.

  • Kay Petten- Dean

    I Had a home in West Covina Ca 25 yrs, I will pray for Covina Ca , that some of these questions will get answered as time goes on. Prayers for the City of Covina & the familes that live there too.
    In Christ Love Kay