County gang violence reduction plan targets Monrovia/Duarte

A pilot program targeting gangs in various county neighborhoods had been initially scheduled to beta test in the Firestone and Pacoima neighborhoods.

The plan was expanded this afternoon by the County Board of Supervisors to include Monrovia and Duarte, authorities said.

The plan utilizes a variety of techniques to track gang members, potential gang members and their families as a way to reduce violence. Here’s a copy of a report presented to the board by CEO Bill Fujioka.

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  • Bull

    This is just a way for Monrovia to get minorities out of the city. they have been trying for a long time to do this. i just read the the document listed in the story and monrovia/duarte doesnt even meet the criteria to be involved in the gang bullshit. these 2 little cities do not have the gang problems of LA and never will.