The Covina Massacre

We’ve rounded up al our coverage of the Covina Christmas Eve slayings in one spot on the Internet. You can find the stories here.

Here’s the lead in:

On Christmas Eve, 2008, Bruce Pardo dressed in a Santa Claus suit, armed himself with guns and drove to a house in Covina where his ex-wife, Syliva Pardo, was celebrating with her family. When an 8-year-old girl answered his knock, he shot her in the face. He continued inside, executing Sylvia and other members of her family. He then sprayed fuel in the home, prompting it to catch fire. Eight people died there. Pardo later killed himself, closing out one of the most violent outbursts in the history of the San Gabriel Valley.

Among the Interactive extras on the page are the chilling 911 call from Sylvia’s sister and portions of the divorce records.

We’ve also rounded up photographs, videos, and summaries of the evidence.

Also on the site, is Amanda Baumfeld’s latest story regarding plans for a private memorial for the victims.

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  • Saul

    That’s sad, during Christmas, I saw smoke by my house and I thought it was only fire works until later on I saw the news.