Predator targets teen in West Covina sexual assault

We first heard about this assault this morning. The facts just came in about an hour ago. Hopefully the West Covina PD will develop a composite drawing and release it to the public.

Here’s the top of Dan Tedford’s story:

WEST COVINA – A 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted on her way to school this morning after a man pulled her into some nearby bushes and attacked her for several minutes, according to West Covina police.

The girl was walking at 6 a.m. on Shadow Oak Drive near Gemini Street where a man in a black-hooded sweatshirt was walking about 100 yards behind her, police said.

About a minute later, the man grabbed her from behind and pulled her into the bushes near Shadow Oak Park, police said.

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    My phone is disconnected 626-384-6980. I hope to get it back on today or tomorrow. My address is 1305 Brooktree Cir 91792 in the city of West Covina. I saw a man the day before yesterday I think it was the 6th but Im not sure. He was on Giano and the street it ends which is by Giano JR HIGH. He was on top of the hill looking down into the play ground. He had what looked like to me to be binaculars. I went very slow to try and get an I.D and looked around to see what kind of car he was in, but there was no car near by. I thought it to be strange for a man to be looking down the back of the school like that with binaculars and so I started to try and get as much info on what was around. He was a mexican fellow about 5,6 or so. He was wearing some light blue jeans and a grey sweater. I want to say he had on some brown work boots. He had black hair not sure if he had a a mushstash I only saw a side view of him as he was nealing down holding the fence and something in his right hand…Hope this helps….

  • Dan Arausa

    I hope they catch this guy, i hate rapeist/molesters. They DO NOT deserve to live. I live in covina, and grew up in West Covina. I hope they get this guy and he get raped over and over agian in Jail. fuck who ever did this.