Detroit school needs toilet paper

Another bit of sad economic news from my hometown, Detroit. Apparently a local elementary school is asking parents to donate toilet paper and light bulbs.

Pretty sad. Here’s the lede:

DETROIT — A Detroit elementary school is asking for donations of toilet paper and light bulbs to continue functioning.

The principal of the Academy of Americas sent a letter to staff, parents and partners asking for donations of items “that are of the utmost importance for proper school functioning and most importantly for student health and safety.”

In the letter, Principal Naomi Khalil cited budget constraints within the district as the reason that the school could no longer stock the items.

The district is grappling with a more than $400 million budget deficit and is on the verge of being assigned an emergency financial manager by the state.

 Here’s the district Web site

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  • This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

  • mwt

    Wow, and this is a school with a waiting list. Thanks for this and for the other Detroit sites (Ruins of Detroit, Detroit Funk). The photos are astonishing and heartbreaking.