Gang violence flares up in Monrovia — again

It was a year ago this week that a racial tensions in Monrovia flared up and resulted in a gang war that left four people dead and several wounded.

Things got heated when Sanders “Pete” Rollins was shot and killed in front of his home on Sherman. It only got worse when teens Sammantha Salas and Brandon Lee were also shot and killed in what appeared to be retaliatory attacks.

Last night, neighbors got a terrible reminder of that violence when Rollins’ former home was shot up again.

Here’s a letter (not edited)  I received from a neighbor, who is scared and concerned that the violence is about to get worse:


Let me start by saying that, now, I am really afraid.  Tonight roughly around 7:50 and 8pm the house where “Pete” was shot and killed exactly 1 year ago to date on Sherman was shot up.  Hispanic gang members basically parked in front of the residence and fired around 7 or 8 high powered rounds into the home.  I don’t want to be identified because I live very close to this home and do not want to become a victim.  I am very concerned that gang members would actually target this home to go back and attempt to repeat the same exact type of mayhem that occurred at this home a year ago as a sign of what? An anniversary gift ?  And what did the Monrovia PD do?  Nothing!  They blocked off the street, asked some questions, put the helicopter in the air to circle the area the gang members were long gone from and left.  I am getting to the point to where as a person of color, I am afraid to even walk to Albertsons for a gallon of milk without fear of being shot. Also, residents of Monrovia probably didn’t hear about the shooting next door to “Petes'” that took place on New Years eve either.  No matter how much funding and programs that are being put into place to prevent “gang terroism”, it will not work until we as citizens step up and speak out.  Life in Monrovia is getting very, very scary and dangerous!!! Someone needs to stop sweeping these incidents under the rug.  Hopefully you will post this on your blog site so that the good citizens of this city will be aware, especially the citizens of color(black residents) because at this point we are just targets.

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