Prelim in Montebello homicide case postponed

A preliminary hearing for a Montebello teen-aged gang member accused of slaying two people at a backyard party last summer was put off until Monday, authorities said.

Albert Anthony Garcia, 12, and his father Juan were shot and killed June 21.

Prosecutors have shared some of the evidence in the case and it seems pretty compelling.

Suspect Angel Sosa, 15, an alleged gang member, is being held without bail in connection with the case. Upon his arrest, Sosa was in the Montebello jail on suspicion of disturbing the peace. Detectives who questioned him in conneciton with the shooting were stymied when he asserted his fifth amendment right and asked for an attorney.

Later those same detectives served three search warrants and recovered 9 mm rounds that were consistent with the type of ammunition that killed the Garcias.

The prosecution is expected to call five witnesses, including party-goers who witnessed the shooting.

The prelim gets underway at 8:30 a.m .Monday in Div. 30 at the Criminal Courts Building downtown.

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