Held to answer *

A suspected teen-aged killer was held to answer for the killings of 12-year-old Albert Garcia and his father Juan Garcia at a Montebello graduation party last June 21.

Angel Sosa, 15, will be tried as an adult in the case. He is scheduled for arraignment on Feb. 9 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

A judge in the case denied the newspapers’ request to take photos of the suspect in court.

Ruby Gonzales will have the complete story in Tuesday’s newspaper.

* A spectator in court said:

“Four witnesses identified (Angel) in a line up. Only one little girl came through — couldn’t say (Angel’s) name aloud and was afraid to point the suspect out.”

Angel beaten up earlier in the day, according to testimony. He and a friend came to the party looking for someone named Marcus.

“There was a fight with the bouncer at the gate of the party. Angel was behind him, he showed the gun.” ..shots were fired.

The unidentified 17-year-old “was probably scared. It took a long time to answer questions. There was intimidation there. The DA protected her identity up until that time …”

“The witness is blaming herself for the shooting.” 

“The judge said he was binding over for trial I was in shock watching the DA, I thought, “Oh my God they’ve got to do better than this.”

“What was that? I asked. “I thought you had people who identified him?”

“They flaked,” the prosecutor responded. “At best I have that young girl.”

On the witness stand the teenager, “Said she felt bad that she had to point out Angel. She didn’t want to get him in trouble even though he probably killed two people.”

“It seemed like the case was falling apart.”

Police didn’t do well either. “The officer who testified was kind of useless.”

Following the slayings, “there was another shooting down the street. They found their target a kid named Marcus, They shot at him and he shot back.”

Again there was tension between family members in court.

Members of Sosa’s family when asked to move, said, “We not moving, we’re kicking it here.”

After what appeared to be some witness intimidation, extra deputies were brought in to keep the peace.  

Prosecutors didn’t seek a gang enhancement, because Sosa wasn’t from a gang, instead he claimed membership in a tagging crew, possibly CSC, which associates with the South Montebello gang.  

The family member said the prosecutor told her, “This is a tough case to try. It may come down to a deal.”


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    I think your report was alot more informative and detailed then Ruby Gonzales.i read her article and it wasnt very informative.


    i think your article was more informative and detailed than Ruby Gonzales. GREAT JOB