Seeking answers

Every now and then I’ll get mail asking if I remember a particular crime, or if I can find out some information about it. Usually I promise to get back to the author, but find myself swamped in the events of the day and put it aside.

I hoping that by sharing these two letters with Crime Scene readers, you all can help me provide some facts. Here’s the first:

How u doing Frank, Won’t take to much of your time. I grew up in Pico and graduated from EL RANCHO in 1979. As a kid I lived on Olympic blvd near North Ranchito. Address was 8726 Olympic blvd. I’m currently a 21 year LAPD police officer, I’m trying to find an old 1970’s murder/suicide case which occurred at my next door neighbors on Olympic. I believe it involved a police officer who lived there. I was only a kid maybe 3rd or 4th grade. Thanks for your time,

Anyone remember this?

Here’s the second letter, which I received earlier this week:

I have contacted you before on some of your stories/articles in the past.
The purpose of my email to you is due to a horrific event that occurred in
Whittier which I don’t think I will ever forget. Around 2000 or 2001 a
young lady was murdered by being set on fire in a Whittier alley behind a
auto shop. She was kidnapped by a father and his stepson after they robbed
her of her paycheck, tied her up and then set her on fire, alive. For some
reason I wish to remember her by her name and/or picture and not as a Jane

So, can we help these guys?


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  • Joe Price

    I remember seeing this story covered on A & E networks
    “Cold Case Files”. The killer turned out to be her boyfriend who was stealing from her. Check out the shows web site.

  • Barbara Chapman

    Because I drive past this location on my way to work, I remember that this occurred on Inez Street near Florence Ave in south Whittier. Names of the participants are in the news excerpt below. A little Google sleuthing and you’ll probably dig up sentencing information.- Barbara

    Whitfield was bound, doused with gasoline and set on fire behind bushes outside a South Whittier machine shop July 9, 1999. Stephen Hobson, the attorney for Michael Lynn Crosby, told the judge that Crosby is scheduled to undergo a brain scan at the end of November.Crosby, along with his stepson Raymond Avery Willis, 17, are charged with murder, attempted robbery and torture in the burning death of Kartrice Ann Whitfield, 22, of Los Angeles.