Sierra Madre officer involved shooting

Sheriff’s homicide detectives are in Sierra Madre this evening to investigate an officer involved shooting that resulted in a man being seriously wounded, officials said.

The shooting occurred in the 200 block of West Sierra Madre Boulevard at 3:36 this morning.

According to the sheriff’s department a Sierra Madre police officer on patrol early Friday recovered a stolen Nissan Murano. it had been reported missing in Pacifica, a town in Northern California.

The officer had the vehicle towed to a garage at the police department. When the officeer opened the locked car, he was confronted by a suspect who had been hiding under a blanket in the rear of the Murano.

The cop fired and shot and wounded the suspect.

The suspect was only identified as a 46-year-old man. He was struck in the upper body and taken to the hospital, officials said.

The officer was not injured, officials said.

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  • G

    Are you kidding me? You didn’t search the car you impounded as a recovered stolen? You shot the guy? Are youy really a police department?


    I’m sure the officer was surprised but deadly force seems like a result of poor earlier police work more then anything else. It’s important to remember that what leads up to an OIS is equally if not more important then the actual event.

  • Sierra Madre local

    Complacency will always get you or someone else killed. Wake up Sierra Madre PD.

    Isn’t there a checkbox report form called vehicle inventory report, or isn’t that important anymore? Wouldn’t a quick search of the vehicle possibly render clues to the suspect(s)

    Chief Diaz was right, these guys need a tuneup on law enforecement policy and procedure – big time! A lawsuit like this could put this PD out of business for good. Wake up guys and do your job right the first time. This shooting should have been avoided.

    Hello Sierra Madre Sheriff

  • exsmlocal

    who was the officer involved in this incident?

  • smlocal

    henry amos