Little Leagues report missing funds

Reporter Dan Tedford put together an interesting look at some local Little Leagues that have been experiencing funding crisis. Its unclear how much of this mess is related to the global financial crisis. Here’s the top of Dan’s story:

Money is missing from some local youth baseball leagues, and officials are trying to find out why.

Sometimes, as in the case of West Covina American Little League, its a matter of overspending. League officials reported a $15,000 debt last season, but plan to start 2009 on the right foot.

Other leagues are experiencing problems they believe may be more sinister.

This month, a La Verne girls’ softball league official was accused of embezzling $20,000.

And officials from other leagues also are reporting unexplained deficits.

Covina American Little League will open the 2009 season $6,000 in the red.

In West Covina, Pacific Coast Little League officials believe $6,000 to $10,000 is missing from their books

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