Cop Killer’s death sentence upheld

The California Supreme Court Thursday upheld the death sentence of a Valinda man who was high on PCP when he murdered a West Covina police officer in 1983.

In 1984 a jury convicted Michael Anthony Jackson of Valinda and sentenced him to death for killing West Covina police officer Kenneth Wrede. A memorial to Wrede stands

“I’ll give you my upfront opinion,” West Covina police Chief Frank Wills said. “It was a good decision, but franklu it’s way too late. I’m disgusted by the whole criminal justice system. This was a police officer who died face down in the gutter in a pool of his own blood.”

Here’s a link to the opinion.

And a link to a Web site where Jackson is seeking some female companionship:

Here’s a quote from his advertisement:

My name is Michael Jackson, I’m interested in females only.  All human shade of color…Age from 25-50.  A real female that was born one, not act like one.  Someone who is not shy in front of the camera.  I enjoy meditation, poetry, playing all sports and reading about history.  All this give me power, intelligence, awareness, creativity.   Mental stimulation is all I have to offer and if you have an open mind then that will be provide to you.  Straightforward and honesty is a must.  Let refresh in ourselves the faith that all are equal and deserve the love and sympathy of others, irrespective of their position.  Don’t you think its time for you to pick up your pen and let start the process of being each others friend.  


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  • Can I Put The Needle In Him?

    The needle is too good for this pile of diarhea.

    “Mental stimulation is all I have to offer” he says, though he just got done arguing he shouldn;t be executed becuase he’s retarded.

    He’s not retarded, just evil and stupid.

    Please, let me be the one to shove the needle in him.

  • Sheldogg

    Go ahead and support your local fascists by dealing death to a person who would otherwise be guilty only of 2nd-degree murder. Enhanced penalties for killing an armed intimidator of the public is backwards medieval thinking. The penalty for murdering an on-duty police officer ought to be the inverse of what it is; less then the penalty for murdering an actual civilian.

  • is it hard to find the killer a all or is it esey?By the way can u find a frenzic kit thanks GOTH GIRL.???????????????????????????????