Coroner seeks help identifying man

The Los Angeles County Coroner is asking for the public’s help identifying a body found in Sylmar last year.

The man’s corpse was discovered on Oct. 13 on a hillside
at Foothill Boulevard and Paxton Street near the overpass of the
east-bound SR-118 freeway and the south-bound I-210 interchange, after a fire
had been extinguished.  The fire was an
extension of the Marek wildfire.  

He was white or
Hispanic and 45 to 60 years old.  He stood about 5 feet 3
inches tall and weighed approximately 100 pounds.

He may have lived in a makeshift shelter in the area. A dog was found with
him. The dog had a blue collar with “WOOF” in clear

Anyone with information can contact Investigator Daniel Machian at (323) 343-0754 or the Coroner
Investigations Division at (323) 343-0714.

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