211 suspect nabbed at bus stop after dye pack explodes

Ruby Gonzales spun a pretty funny tale about a hapless bank robbery suspect who was captured after a dye pack exploded. Here’s the top:

WHITTIER – A man with a tan purse robbed a bank this morning but failed to make a clean getaway.

He left the loot and his getaway cab when a dye pack exploded, staining the cash, the taxi and him. He got rid of his red-stained jacket and tried to blend in by waiting at a bus stop.

But the bus was on a layover, Whittier Police said. And the man had been at the stop 20 minutes when he was caught by an officer who spotted him and the purse.

Robert Michael Varela, 22, of Los Angeles was arrested on suspicion of bank robbery.

Whittier Police spokesman Officer Mike Dekowski said the stolen money was recovered as well as the jacket the suspect discarded. He said officers found a BB gun that resembles a handgun in the purse.

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