Man killed by officers had previous run-in with Pasadena Police *

Leroy Barnes, the man shot and killed after apparently firing on Pasadena police officers had been in a shootout with Pasadena police in the early 1990s, according to authorities.

Barnes apparently had a long criminal history that includes convictions for tresspassing, spousal battery and assaulting an officer. A story is coming and we’ll continue to flesh out the details of the shooting throughout the day.

*UPDATE from Nate McIntire:

We don’t have the shootout confirmed and the charge against him for assaulting an officer (w/o a weapon) was dismissed. Convictions for assault with a deadly weapon, battery, driving without a license and littering are all confirmed. The web update has all the right info

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  • Bull

    The police feel that any person that has an arrest record is fair hunting. that’s the reason most people are tired of allowing there relatives to be killed..

  • Spare Me

    One more Pasadena thug gets nailed, what’s the big deal. Go for a gun and you’re going to get splattered, why is that so hard for you idiots to grasp?