Autopsy results pending in officer invovled shooting

PASADENA — Coroner’s officials said Sunday evening that autopsy results were not yet available for Leroy Barnes, the man who was fatally shot by Pasadena police on Thursday.

The autopsy was scheduled for Sunday, however coroner’s officials reported that the results of the autopsy had not been entered into their computer system.

This could mean either that the autopsy had been done, but the doctor hasn’t updated the system, or that the autopsy has been posponed until Monday, officials said.


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  • beny

    Leroy was a friend of mine , when first heard the report that he shot first i knew it was bull! , but it’s nothang new the ppd has been quietly killing innocent black men for years . Believe me i know what goes down in that type of situation a rookie over reacts and they try to cover it up. It happen in every inner city .