CHP officer shoots, kills husband

COMPTON — In what investigators are calling a “domestic violence-related incident,” an off-duty CHP officer shot and killer her husband late Saturday.

Few details of the shooting were released Sunday.

The incident occurred just after 11 p.m. in the 400 block of Amantha Avenue in Compton, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said in a written statement.

Neither the dead man nor the officer were identified.

“The suspect became verbally and physically combative toward the off-duty officer and the victim was able to retreive a firearm and shoot the suspect once in the upper torso,” Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Rick Pedroza said in a written release.

“The investigation is ongoing, and there is no further information available at this time,” he said.

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  • Timika Walton

    I was friends with the husband. He was not violent, she was. This story does not state that she shot him in the car, then drove him to her mother’s home where she parked him in the driveway. There were no reports on this story for over 15 hours, sounds like someone wanted her to sober up and get her story straight. Did I mention that her mother is a Sheriff… we all know that they take care of their own. This was murder!! He was shot in the head.

  • Timika Walton

    I was friends with the husband. He was not violent, she was. This story does not state that she shot him in the car, then drove him to her mother’s home where she parked him in the driveway. There were no reports on this story for over 15 hours, sounds like someone wanted her to sober up and get her story straight. Did I mention that her mother is a Sheriff… we all know that they take care of their own. This was murder!! He was shot in the head.

  • Anonymous

    Her mother is not a sherriff get your information straight…my goodness…

  • CVPiru Twon Blood

    Homeboy showed out on her in TGIF Friday’s in Bompton Blood, that nigga was trippin on her callin her all types of bitches and really disrespectin Meka feel me Blood???

  • Unknown

    T. Walton – yes, please get the information correct, if you were friends with the husband as you stated … your information would at least be some what accurate. Mr. Lemon was shot in the torso – not the head, and the CHP’s mother is not a Sheriff.

    General comment my 2 cents

    We were not in their vehicle at the time of the incident, meaning no one knows what actually lead up to the shooting. There are witnesses(Restaurant workers) that can verify that an argument took place, but that is about it so far.

    You never know what goes on behind close doors. As for Darian Milow, (the man’s former fiance) stating that ” he is the abusive type” – her relationship with Mr. Lemons was totally different from the obvious current one he was in. Now lets think about a few things, Mr. Lemons had a former fiance, and child from a marriage that was dissolved; this may lead people to think that maybe he had a few issues with women or maybe even commitment, who knows? It is definitely something to think about. As for the CHP Officer, nothing has come out yet in regards to her personality or life except for the statement from her Agency, that maybe a ploy to cover their butts.

    For the CHP Officer to be very familiar with the LAW and its consequences; the only thing that I could think of is maybe she was placed in a position with no other option but to defend herself, then afterwards reporte it to the Police. This will be a tough case to decide, because its going to be hard for the LAW to prove or disapprove self defense with only one survivor and one side of the story. But anything can happen –

  • Anonymous

    My own correction ,(the man’s former fiance) stating that ” he is the abusive type”

    I meant -,(the man’s former fiance) stating that ” he is the NOT the abusive type”

  • All for justice-

    I think as the investigation goes on, after the relatives and friends are talked to they will be able to paint a biggger picture as to just “who” had a temperment. A “trained” officer doesn’t just “find” a weapon in her own car, she has a back up weapon. Have pictures of her brutal attack been taken? If she was defending herself insider her car, has she not had sufficient enough training to get out of the car? No I wasn’t there, but a fatal wound to the temple, oh I mean upper torso, would certainly keep him from telling his side of the story now wouldn’t it. Please keep in mind the victim’s side as well as the poor abused CHP officer who has pulled her weapon and threatened him before. I hope her past will be investigated too, for justice sake.

  • D-Rell

    Tamiekia is a friend of mine and this is truly a tragedy, of course his friends and family will give one side of the story and her friends and family will do likewise. what people should remember is that none of us were there and so we don’t know what really happened. just because someone doesn’t seem violent on the surface does not mean that when they are alone with their spouse that they don’t act totally different.Everyone always feels that “their family or friend” is the innocent party and could “never” be the aggressor. let the facts come out first. The one’s I really feel sorry for are the kids. Two families have been torn apart and will never be the same. Let’s just keep them all in our prayers…

  • His Angel

    I just know that If she was a trained CHP she would have known that all she had to do is get out of the car cool off and claim down. If she wasn’t violent why would she at first thought pull out a gun and shoot anybody? So are you telling me the first time her and her daughter argue she go pull a gun out on her and shoot her? Hmmm… Never thought about that!! I’m just saying if she wasn’t planning on killing him it’s funny how fast you can find a gun in your car and cock it and point it and shoot it at close range. I personally would be scared and I would think about the consequnces and the children we have together before I pull that gun. You see violent people don’t think . They have it down in their mind what their going to do and plan it that way. We actually don’t know how long she’s been planning on killing him she just needed a good time. No witnesses, no children, late night, in her car. Her word ! Think about it…and your right police will protect their own. But lets remember those who live by the sword shall also die by the sword. God is the big Police!!!!!

  • I Know both..

    Everyone needs to wait for the results of the law enforcement agency that are involved. I see that everyone is jumping to conclusions, when in fact Only Tamiekia and Marcus were the only two people there. Has anyone checked to see if carls Jr has security tapes… what about the starbuck across the lot, or the Bus, to the south. These are the main things we should be focused on. Yes Tamiekia was a hot head and a heavy drinker go to cal bowl talk to the bartenders see how many drinks she would consume in three hours when she was at the bowling ally. Look at that video if available, we need concrete eveidence to help…How many issues has she had at the alley with other patrons…How many complaints has she had filed on her at CHP… These are all a matter of records…Do you want to hear more?

  • fellow bowler

    I used to bowl with the officer and she was a nice woman, but she has a temper. She once threw a rule book at a league officer because the officer asked to her look up whatever rule she had a question about. She often drinks far too much to drive herself home. I’ve even witnessed the couple arguing at a bowling alley and when a cop car stopped to find out the problem, she flashed her badge and they kept on rolling. (These are all things that I have SEEN; they weren’t speculated. And that being said, I don’t know anything else about their relationship beyond that one incident.) Several cops in our league have expressed that if there are no other reports of domestic violence (wherein her husband was the suspect), her story may not hold up in court especially since she is trained to SHOOT TO KILL- and she did just that. (She didn’t think to just shoot him to hurt him or stop his “attack”…) But then again, in the heat of an argument, if she was being attacked, she may have really just reacted in self-defense. They have and will continue to be in my prayers…

  • Anonymous

    Well I knew/ both…..T…well she and her family are known for bad attitude and being kicked off of several basketball teams. Her family is known for waving guns to instill fear. Its a fact that she skipped her way through CHP academy and has the law on her side. Only God, T and Marcus know what happened that night. We are left here to try and figure it all out. I pray Nevaeh finds peace….

  • I Know both

    Good Morn, and hello to all. I really enjoyed reading everyones blog, so many mixed feeling. All we can do for now is support Ronnie and his family thru this nightmare. Thanks to everyone that donated on tuesday and Wednesday at Cal Bowl… for Marcus. Also you can go by Platnum Cutz in Compton on 616 Alondra Blvd. and leave any cards or money there. My best goes out to both familes in this crises. have a good day…

    I know Both…..

  • friend

    Today, March 14, Marcus’ wife was arrested for the murder of her husband. He was shot in the head!

  • just me

    Well I knew Marcus from the barbershop and I didn’t know his wife at all. However, coming from a “law enforcement family” I was just thinking that this case is really not all that hard to solve or understand. Yes people are going to have different opinions on his side and hers however the facts will remain concrete. If she was really defending herself (meaning he was physically attacking her) this means that she should have had some kind of marks on her. You can’t tell me that you think a man that knows his wife is armed is going to be attacking her and just let her go for her weapon without a struggle. Another thing…one of the previous remarks about checking cameras in the area. Well the fact of the matter is you(we)don’t know where they REALLY were when she shot him. As my dad said (A Veteran Retired Officer) she tampered with evidence and the crime scene when she continued to drive this wounded, dying (or dead)young man to her mothers house. As a matter of fact, how did she keep control of the vehicle while driving, being attacked, reaching for her weapon, aiming/discharging her weapon and being precise with her shot. I tell you this much, if I was in the car with someone and we were in a physical altercation and this person was an officer or even just someone that carried a weapon and I knew it. If this person even hints that he/she is going for their weapon you better believe that I am going to fight like hell and I might even still be killed. However, you better know that the other person is going to have some hell of marks on them. Another thing, lets just say that he did hit her. As a Police Officer you would think that she could handle the situation better than that. She would have done better to drive him to her station and let them have at him. But you shot someone in the head…you don’t want this person to stop or back off…you just plain want this person dead. It’s a tragedy and the bottom line is not only is he dead…but two families have been altered for life because of this.

  • nahada

    I wouldn’t take just one side’s written release at face value just as I wouldn’t take a defendant’s pronouncement of innocence at face value either.