Interesting comments on Pasadena’s officer involved shooting


Police Link, a blog that serves as a round-up of law enforcement news from around the country has some interesting comments posted regarding last Thursday’s OIS in Pasadena.

Leroy Barnes, Jr. a 37-year-old parolee with a history of run-ins with the law, was shot and killed by officers after a traffic stop. Here’s a link and the photo caption:

Pasadena Police handed out this photograph of the carried by Leroy Barnes. (Photo: Pasadena Police)


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  • 211guy

    Like to know where he bought the automatic pistol and ammo, I thought ex-con couldn’t possess firearms and bullets. That gun shop (seller) should also be sued besides a .32 auto is a girls ‘Gat’.

  • 211guy

    What in the world is that attached to the end of the barrel / muzzle of the gun in the photo?