Pasadena cops order Coroner’s report sealed

The Pasadena Police Department has told the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner to withhold investigative and autopsy information in the Leroy Barnes shooting for “security reasons.” Apparently there’s a real need for something to remain secret in the case..

This from Coroner’s Chief Ed Winter:

“The law enforcement agency asked for more time to do further investigation in the case.

We’re not allowed to release any information until the hold is released. Most of the time it’s for follow up on more information. They are probably still seeking witnesses and this so (anyone interested) isn’t alerted to the facts by reading the newspaper.”

The hold could last for as long as 90 days, Winter said.

“After 90 days we send them a note and make a call, ‘It’s been 90 days, what the heck? At that point they are going to have to justify why or what’s taking so long to finish up this investigation,” Winter added.


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