Police chiefs get together in Pasadena *

Barney Melekian is hosting police* chiefs from around the state for an annual training symposium beginning Tuesday at the newly reopened Pasadena Convention Center:

Here’s a link to the schedule.

On Thursday, Melekian hosts a workshop: “Police Chief as City Manager”

At least he’s not giving lessons in how to handle the press at an officer involved shooting.


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  • La Wanda Sanford

    Prayer is needed in Pasadena The Police are out of control. Each time a killing or an arrest is made lies began in the police department. Cover ups have been and are still going on and it’s time for people to step up and made things right. I have been and am still praying that someone in the Pasadena Police department is going to place God first and tell the truth. It is time for healing in Pasadena. Didn’t Rodney King’s case teach anyone anything.

  • Anonymous

    u got spell check?

  • Anonymous

    and grammer check

  • Quit making excuses

    You all have it twisted. If you are having to deal with the PPD then you better check yourself. Obviously you are doing things you should’nt be and the people causing all this trouble, shooting people, etc., etc., are the ones that scream the loudest about your rights, go figure! You people are on these forums spewing falshoods about what is going on in Pasadena and you no nothing about what actually took place that day or any day for that matter. I don’t see anyone of you (men/women) making all these ludcris comments, willing to go out and endanger your life on a daily basis. Not like he was a great model American citizen who was doing his best to live a productive life anyway. Good riddens! One less scum bag, we productive U.S. citizens has to pay for. Good Job PPD!