Bizarre big rig hijacking on the 605

Who knows what this truck was carrying?

WHITTIER – Authorities are looking for a big rig towing a shipping container that was hijacked on a San Gabriel Valley freeway by three men who left the truck’s driver tied up on the side of the road.

California Highway Patrol Officer Joe Zizi says the driver had just picked up his cargo early Wednesday when he was forced over to the right shoulder by two other heavy trucks.

Three men got out of the trucks and took the driver’s big rig by force, binding his legs and leaving him on the road’s shoulder.

Highway patrol officers found the driver after receiving reports of a man bound by his legs limping along the side of the road.

The driver did not know what was inside the shipping container.

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  • 211guy

    For years most trucking companies have had Hi-Tech GPS locator units in trucks that alerts the truck dispatcher immediately when the truck/cargo deviates from the pre-planned route and can pin-point the location within a few feet, wonder if it worked this time?


    Let There Be Light!
    Appears the load was Light Bulbs.
    How many hi-jackers does it take does it take to screw in 20,000 light bulbs?