Assault rifle, shotgun stolen from police car

MONTEBELLO — Someone stole an assult rifle and a shotgun from a police cruiser after stealing the squad car in Montebello and abandoning it in Valinda.

The weapons stolen were an AR-15 assault rifle and a Remington 870 shotgun , similar to those pictured below.

The theft occurred as an officer was responding to a call regarding a party.

Here’s the full story:



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  • DParker

    No, no, no. A semi-automatic AR-15 is NOT an “assault rifle”, nor is any other semi-auto-only firearm. By definition, an “assault rifle” is a battle rifle capable of being switched between semi-auto and full-auto/burst modes, and the AR-15 has no such capability.

    How many times does the mainstream media need to be corrected on this and similar misuses of terminology before it starts displaying respect for factually for honest and accurate reporting?