Price of smokes is going up…way up! Seven bucks a pack?!?

Cigarette prices are apparently on the rise. I know my local 7-Eleven is urging customers to buy before April 1 when new federal taxes take effect, a new state tax is also in place.

Last pack I bought was $4.50. But I’ve heard tales of smokes going for between $6 and $7 bucks a pack. What are you paying? Looks like smokers are balancing the budget, paying for the stimulus and fun times in Sacramento.


9 thoughts on “Price of smokes is going up…way up! Seven bucks a pack?!?

  1. How ’bout upping the price of matches then upping the tax on that or even ashtrays, wonder if the President can afford ‘smokes’ now or just bum then from his staff.
    Just don’t mess with beer & booze or vehicle registration or gasoline.

  2. Sin taxes… Makes some good sense, but they should also legalize more sins (marijuana and prostitution). There would be fewer problems with these “unlawful acts”, there would be some revenue generated for the social programs that we need and those who partake would be footing the bill. Makes perfect sense…

  3. Mr. t,

    I agree, but most folks don’t toke-up or pay for a piece of—(street prostitute). How about taxing un-employment and social security benefits?, Naw, that would never work, citizens would’nt stand for that.

  4. You guys that think that $3.50 or even 6 or 7 bucks is expensive for smokes i like in canada and they are like 14 something a pack!

  5. Smokes in Canada, depending vary in price
    In Ontario im paying 10-12 bucks thats northern ontario but in southern ontario they go for about 7-9 bucks

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