Trial for suspected Temple City killers scheduled

Phillip Guerra and Christopher Lopez, both 19, both charged with the murder of Deandre Netter in Temple City in 2007 will face a jury trial in Pasadena beginning on March 18, according the the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Guerra and Lopez are suspected to have been part of a group of teens in Temple City that targeted blacks for violence.


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  • TC For All

    Jury selection starts today. We need to pray for the Netter family and for the truth to come out in this trial. Also the four teen defendants that are jailed waiting trial for the Carl’s Jr. stabbing in May 2007 are scheduled to be in court on March 20th. It will be interesting to see how these cases turn out and if they are linked? Things have been relatively quiet in TC since these crimes in 2007 but the community still deserves to know what was really going on. There is something to be learned from these crimes. There were warning signs that were ignored and down played by TCUSD and the sheriff. Hopefully the new superintendent at TCUSD will set a new tone and work more closely with the sheriff taking teens liked these more seriously in the future. It will not bring DeAndre Netter back but perhaps it will save the life of someone else’s child.

  • Anonymous

    they r guilty

  • Foreman

    As foreman of the last jury I’m guessing another hung jury. People watch too much T.V. Nobody stops to say “gee, the alternate theory presents incredible coincidences and DeAndre’s indifference to the real killers”. Notice that nobody says where the defendants were that night or the following days.