Arcadia’s most wanted

The Arcadia Police Department has set up a Web page  listing its most wanted criminals.

Not a top ten list, like the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted, but certainly a valuable tool for Arcadia police.

Here’s who they are looking for:

Two suspects in an armed robbery, described as male Hispanics in their 20s.

A man, possibly Hispanic, suspected of burglarizing a jewelry store on Las Tunas.

Check out the Web site for composite drawings and pictures. And call the cops at *626) 574-5151 if you know any of these characters.

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1 thought on “Arcadia’s most wanted

  1. Fantastic concept! what took so long?.
    This gives all the citizens who whine and complain about crime in the community a perfect chance to stand-up, make a simple phone or e-mail and do SOMETHING!.
    Can anyone see a reason why these bulletins can’t be printed and distributed to businesses, schools, inserted in throw away flyers lying on driveways etc., I’m sure the Pasadena Star News would be happy to co-operate also;
    on the front page once a week. Don’t let this project go the way of the “Ole time Neighborhood Watch” program back in the ’80s &’90s when Arcadians had American Flags flying on their porches.
    I hope the PD will keep citizens advised of how many ‘tips’ they receive on a daily basis.
    By the way, it would be nice if patrol officers would wave back when citizens wave at them driving down the street or just maybe even wave first.

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