Local man faces sentencing in SGV crime spree

Here’s an excert from the coming story:


A Monrovia man who carried out a violent crime spree last year before being captured at Disneyland faces the possiblity of multiple life terms in prison at his sentencing next month.
Anthony Brandon Hislar, 27, was convicted Friday of 33 felony counts, including robberies, carjackings, burglaries, a shooting and other crimes in the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s officials said in a written statement. He faces sentencing April 7 as a potential third-striker.
Many of the crimes were carried out on Sept. 19, including the shooting of Rosemead psychologist Daniel Chan, Deputy District Attorney Stacie Mayores said.
“He’s a menace to society,” Chan said. “If he gets out, I have no doubt he will do it again.”
He said he was disappointed the jury hung on a count of attempted murder in his attack and found Hislar guilty only of assault with a firearm, but pleased a conviction was handed down to put his attacker behind bars, “not just for my case, but for the other victims too.”
“I plan to be there April 7 to make my statement,” Chan added.

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