Temple City murder case jury selected

I received this update in the Netter case from an interested observer who asked to remain anonymous:

The jury has been selected in the DeAndre Netter murder trial.

I received a message from Mrs. Yvonne Netter who is in protective custody asking that the community pray for her and DeAndre’s surviving twin brother DeJohn.

I hope you can give us updates on the trial. Many of us would like to attend but we fear retaliation from the Guerra and Lopez family.

As you may remember Chris Lopez’ brother Matt Lopez coaches football at Temple City High School and this year he was also the JV Soccer Coach so we are afraid to be seen in the courtroom. Any updates are on the trial are greatly appreciated.

FYI: We will update the case this week

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  • Anonymous

    If you cared so much about the trial and the outcome, you wouldn’t be afraid.

    That’s fucking ridiculous…

    I know Matt personally and I know he wouldn’t go out of his way to let someone know who was there, just to get revenge.