FBI seeks Sleeves Bandit


A takeover specialist targeting banks in central California is being sought by the FBI. The Sleeves bandit has apparently worked as far south as La Crescenta and La Canada Flintridge, according to a press release issued Friday.

Here’s a larger gallery of photos:


Press release on the jump…

The FBI and various police and sheriffs departments in the state of California are
seeking the public’s assistance in learning the identification and/or whereabouts of an
unidentified armed bank robber nicknamed the “Sleeves Bandit.”
The Sleeves Bandit was named for what appear to be fake tattoo sleeves he has worn
during some of the listed bank robberies. Investigators believe that on at least fifteen
occasions, the Sleeves Bandit has committed one-man, armed takeover bank robberies
throughout the state of California, from as far south as La Crescenta to as far north as
Madera and Monterey.
The Sleeves Bandit has established a pattern of robbing the banks at or near closing
time. Upon entering the bank, the Sleeves Bandit brandishes a handgun, orders
employees and customers to the floor, and proceeds to rob multiple tellers.
Witnesses have described the Sleeves Bandit as a white male, early to mid 50s, short
white or gray hair, 5’10” – 6′ tall, medium build and weighing 180-200 lbs.
He always wears a hat, sunglasses and some form of face covering. Initially, he wore
ski-type masks, but has recently been described as wearing something that resembles a
mesh, mosquito-type or beekeeper netting. In at least one robbery, victims described a
heavy smell of alcohol on the bandit’s breath.
During one robbery, the Sleeves Bandit carried pepper spray, which he used on the
victim teller, evidently because she did not comply quickly enough. This robbery and
assault occurred at a Citibank in La Crescenta on 12/26/08.
The Sleeves Bandit is believed to be responsible for at least 15 bank robberies since
November 26th, 2008. Below is a list of banks robberies believed to be linked to the
Sleeves Bandit:
Washington Mutual Bank
Washington Mutual Bank
12/26/2008 Citibank
La Crescenta
01/02/2009 First Bank of San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo
01/09/2009 US Bank
01/16/2009 Los Padres Bank
01/16/2009 Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Goleta
01/30/2009 Citibank
La Canada
02/05/2009 Comerica Bank
02/24/2009 Citibank
02/28/2009 Citibank
03/17/2009 Heritage Oaks Bank
Morro Bay
03/20/2009 The Golden 1 Credit Union
03/21/2009 Wescom Credit Union
Santa Barbara
This statewide search to apprehend the Sleeves Bandit is a collaborative effort by
several agencies in California, including the FBI and the following police and sheriff’s
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department
San Luis Obispo Police Department
Santa Barbara Police Department
Morro Bay Pd
Monterey County Sheriff’s Department
Monterey PD
Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department
Madera PD

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  • 211guy

    Excellent re-cap by SGVN and again proved that costly cool digital ‘security’ cameras do not deter bank robberies, bad boys couldn’t care less; Goofy Hat, Salt & Pepper etc., you just end up with dozens of photos of the same guy flipping you off.
    But what happened to the Billion$$ FBI Super Computer
    “Face Recognition Program” touted by the FBI & news media
    for identifying Bank Robbers and Terrorists….. check FBI Website, click Press Releases.

  • http://mutuelle.compareo.net Mutuelle sant

    Good blog, make the population aware of the thieves, and peopl can contact the FBI if the see them thieves. but after viewing the pic i see it a bit hard to distinguish the faces on the photo, as they are covered up.

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