Barnes shot seven times in the back

Edi Faal, the attorney representing the family of Leroy Barnes, said he learned at a community meeting this morning that Barnes was shot seven times in the back by officers.

We are working to verify this information. Obviously the coroner’s report will contain much of the needed proof.

Meanwhile, Pasadena police Chief Melekian is still scheduling a 2:30 p.m. meeting with the media to release the findings of his department’s investigation into Barnes’ shooting.

Melekian said the Office of Independent Review, which handles similar inquiries for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, will conduct its own investigation.

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  • Mike

    Could you tell readers more about the “Denver Lane Crips” as reported in the Los Angeles Times 3-31-09. Are they a community group,social club, handicapped bowling league or what?.
    Thank You

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Now, when I read the paper this morning and it claimed the shooting by the Pasadena Police Department was justified, I just knew this was one of the dirtiest April Fools jokes of all time! If our African-American community let this $hit go, then we all deserve this treatment and more! If any decent human being let this go unsaid we are all doomed! I dont care what the man did in his past, because no man should be shot 11 times and 7 in the back & then to justify it, is a freaking joke and a slap in the face! Those police officers should be EXECUTED and the investigators as well! Period!

  • 5th Estate

    I hope I am never shot by the PPD, that is why I would never pull a gun on them.