The mystery of the woman in the closet

A West Covina woman found dead in a closet has presented a vexing mystery to investigators.

How did Susan Molina, 44, die?

The Los Angeles Department of Coroner says blunt force trauma, but has deferred a finding until it has a complete toxicology report.

West Covina homicide investigators have taken the case, but released little information.

Those investigators told several witnesses they were looking for a mystery woman and a car in connection with the case. We’re tracking down as much as we can…

If you have any ideas, share ’em.


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  • witness

    I stayed at the house, there was only one other roommate staying there and her name was Julie Gonzalez, susan being the good hearted person that she was told julie she could stay with her while she got back on her feet because they had some family relation. i KNEW both of them, She trusted someone she shouldn’t of and look what happened. Julie and susan had been going at it and fighting for a while, she was jealous of susan’s looks ( she was a gorgeous and beautiful person inside and out)susans car was missing and laptop. They had been missing the same amount of days but then we discovered susans body in julies closet and julie no where to be found. Who knows if she was coming back to dispose of the body but that lady is a psycho with some serious problems. IF ANYONE KNOWS HER OR HER WHEREABOUTS CALL THE POLICE!!!

  • jACK tHE kNIFE

    Wow !

  • trooper


  • trooper


  • Shannon

    i know this person
    she has red hair 5’7″ full figure and she was a trainner for first transit around the year 2002 at ave 21 in lincoln heights she was a very nice lady she trained me how to drive a bus i was a dash operator for ave 21 2002-2006 that’s the susan molina i knew.
    Posted by toni castaneda at 1:10 am Mar 31, 2009

  • The TRUTH

    The first comment isn’t true

  • The TRUTH

    Th first comment isn’t true!!!

  • Anonymous

    my dad was engaged to her but it never went through mist likely due to her heavy meth use. I dont believe she deserved to die that way. But when you’re a meth addict it comes with the terrority. I know she was using she lived with my dad and us for a while. I still believe she didnt deserve it she was an overall good person minus the drugs

  • HAHA!

    Interesting that Trooper and Truth both insisted that Witness was lying, and they just arrested Julie for murder.

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