Illegal horse races suspected in Pico wash

There are rumors of an underground horse racing in the Whittier Narrows wash posted on a Bethania Palma story about a dead horse found in El Monte. Here’s what sallysays wrote in the Topix Forum:

I have two horses at Whittier Equestrian Center and every once in awhile a group of about 75 to 100 people (mostly spectators) go out on the trail and race horses so hard their noses were bleeding, they bet on horses and drink beer. They throw their trash on the ground. They block the trails and ride aggressively towards you if you dare ride where they are racing. I did, they rode towards me and my horse threw me off. Once we got back to the stables we called the Whitter P.D., the County Police, Temple City Police, and El Monte. Every Police Dept. kept saying not our job. Finally, one call to Pico Rivera Sheriff’s got at least 4 cars and a helicopter. All the bad guys left. They came back the next couple of weekends but so did Pico Rivera Sheriff’s when we called. Finally, the bad quit showing up! Thank you Pico Rivera Sheriffs!

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  • 5th Estate

    Ahh………the sport of Kings!