Pardo was high on Coke during massacre

An autopsy of Bruce Pardo revealed he was high on cocaine when he shot and killed nine people on Christmas Eve.

Pardo tested positive for cocaine in toxicology reports of his blood and urine, according to a recently released autopsy report by the Los Angles County Department of Coroner.

“A lot would depend on the blood level (of cocaine),” said Police Chief Kim Raney. “It could’ve been something to drive him, to amp him up to get him through that.”

On Christmas Eve, Pardo , dressed as Santa Claus, shot and killed his ex-wife Sylvia Pardo , her parents Joseph and Alicia Ortega and six other family members. He then torched the Knollcrest Drive home where the victims had gathered for an annual holiday celebration.

Pardo later shot himself to death inside his brother’s home in Sylmar.

There are some other interesting details in the report 

Pardo’s body was discovered by his brother at 3 a.m. Christmas morning.

Coroner’s investigators arrived on scene at 11:40 a.m.

They discovered Pardo sitting ona couch. A pair of SigSauer 9s were placed on a table in front of him. It was unclear at the time which gun Pardo had used to kill himself. A 911 dispatcher told Pardo’s brother to remove the gun from his hand before police arrived.

Here’s the investigator’s description of Pardo:

He has short brown hair, blue eyes, natural teeth and is clean shaven. He is wearing a black thermal “T” shirt, black belt, black pants, green boxer style underpants, “girdle” with hard cup, black socks and black shoes. There are what appear to be remnants of a “Santa” Suit around the left ankle and remnants of red material on his remaining clothing.


Additionally during the body examination a stack of money wrapped in clear palstic was found by the left calf with additional packages of money also wrapped in the girdle along with a wig and a handcuff key with clear tape on it.

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    If you capitalize “coke,” it makes it sound like you’re referring to Coca-Cola.