Tax Day tea party anyone?

Anti-tax rallys are taking place across the USA today as folks deal with the heavy burden of taxes and the specter of more and more and more. If anyone ever needed proof that higher taxes don’t necessarily stimulate the economy, look no further than Ryan Carter’s story in today’s newspaper.

In the story local auto dealers explain how the implementation of higher state sales taxes on April 1, had a chilling effect on car sales. They fear the state’s plan to raise vehicle license fees in May will only hurt sales more.
Here’s a list of Tea Parties in California from
Here’s a taste of Ryan’s story:

WEST COVINA – A hike in the state’s sales tax may have resulted in weakened auto sales on many lots since the levy took effect April 1, and dealers now worry that increased vehicle license fees could sour sales even more.

Whether or not soft sales are linked to the increased tax increase remains unclear. But the added cost to consumers certainly hasn’t helped local dealers in recent days.

Many dealers now say the sales tax increase, though troublesome, didn’t have the impact that the increase in the vehicle license fee will have. Those fees are expected to more than double on May 15.

“That’s the big one,” said Mike Kern, finance manager for Glendora Hyundai and Suzuki.

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  • Jason

    Tea baggers unite. We need to bring our tea bags together to send a strong message to Washington. Today we drop our tea bags on president Obama and the White House for their crippling tax proposals on the wealthy. It’s not fair, and I (and my tea bag) aren’t going to take it!!!!

  • sgvteafortax

    Its time to throw both the DEMS and the REPS into Boston Harbor. they are both responsible for this mess. We need a viable third party. Libertarian is looking better and better to me.