Warrants in Covina massacre reveal frightening first moments of fear

Reporter Will Bingham of the Daily Bulletin dug up the warrants in Pomona. Amanda Baumfeld put together a look inside the investigation of Bruce Pardo’s rampage on Christmas Eve in Covina. Here’s an excerpt:

COVINA – Just before midnight, the Christmas Eve party at the Ortega home hit full stride when a partygoer announced “Santa is here!”
Santa Claus, clad in a fake beard and wearing the kind of protective eyewear often used at a shooting range, produced a 9mm handgun and indiscriminately opened fire on the Christmas celebration, according to search warrants unsealed in Pomona Superior Court this week.
“I think there is probably a couple reasons (Pardo wore them),” Covina police Lt. Tim Doonan said. “Santa wears glasses … on the other hand he may of been thinking of protecting his eyes.”

Here’s the warrants: Link:Covina Christmas Massacre Search Warrants

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