An innocent man?

The attorney for a man held on suspicion of killing his girlfriend by shooting her to death in Covina Monday night, said her client is innocent and has an alibi.

AttorneyPamela DiBello called reporter Daniel Tedford this morning to lay out the case:

26929-20090421_110505_Joseph Anthony Gutierrez_200-thumb-200x251.jpg

He is innocent,” said Gutierrez’s attorney Pamela DiBello. “He could have ran. He has family in Mexico. He could have ran, he could have hid. That is what guilty people do. He voluntarily came in because he said he didn’t do this.”

Police were searching for Gutierrez for much of the day Tuesday, calling him a “person of interest.”

Since Monday night, Gutierrez had ever intention of turning himself into police, but knowing the nature of the situation wanted to be accompanied by a lawyer, said DiBello.

“He freaked out at what happened,” said DiBello. “He was scared. He was crying. He cared for this girl very much.”

“He contacted me first thing.”

DiBello wouldn’t comment on Gutierrez’s story of what happened Monday night, when Hassan was shot in the head. Police have said Gutierrez’s grandfather made the 911 call. The incident was first reported as a suicide at 2:30 p.m. Monday.

“My understanding is he was there, along with two other people, when the incident happened,” DiBello said. “He wasn’t alone in the home.”

DiBello declined to comment further on Gutierrez’s actions that night or what happened.

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  • Think He’s Guilty

    Innocent people do not leave the scene of a homicide and run get an attorney. (Or should I say, run BACK to their attorney)? Innocent people do not leave the scene of a homicide-period. Innocent people stay and try to render aid to the victim (whom the suspect “cared for very much”?!?! HA! Of course there were two other people in the house-the grandparents, perhaps? What reason would they have to shoot this young woman? They didn’t run away. Grandpa stayed and did the right thing, the decent thing–try to get medical assistance for this dying young woman. Gutierrez has a crminal background, which I’m sure Ms. DiBello is very familiar with. “Scared”?!?! Right-for his own behind. Try:”COWARD” instead. Try:”Oh, S***, I’ve gotta cover my @$$ now!” Try: “GUILTY OF MURDERING A YOUNG WOMAN,LOW LIFE!” Ms DiBello is going to look pretty stupid when he client is convicted and sentenced for murder.

  • Areli

    he’s an innocent man behind bars