This is scary — swine flu sweeps across Mexico and into US*


There’s a meeting between the CDC and public safety officials in Los Angeles taking place right now. Essentially an outbreak of deadly swine flu has claimed as many as 61 lives in Mexico and may be sweeping into Texas and California, officials said.

Homeland security site.

The CDC’s investigation.

Case studies.

Swine Flu FAQ

*Twitter updates from Breaking News Online

*World Health Organization release on Swine Flu outbreak

*CDC Flu map

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  • mike

    For real or just another racist scare tactic?, if true will they get free medical care in the United States?

  • dave

    Nice. Nothing like stirring up unnecessary panic!

    Oh no! We’re all gonna die! What will we do? The terrorists might win!

    Gimme a break. There have been eight cases — EIGHT — in the entire country, and all have recovered. There has been absolutely *no* evidence of a link between the cases in Mexico and those in the US.

    So, how about we exercise some caution in reporting? Turn the shrill knob down a bit, to, say…0? Good idea. You can’t say stuff like this — people are stupid! They might actually believe you. Remember how many people were convinced that the world would end because of the Y2K bug? Remember how much money was made on stupid suckers who bought books on how to “Survive Y2K!!!” I should have written one of those — I’d be a millionaire now.

  • mike

    You’re correct dave, “People are stupid” but this a America, people can be as stupid as they want and if you could Market your comments you could still stand a chance of being a millionaire.

  • Mary

    Exactly Mike…Dave…it’s BECAUSE people are ignorant (a better word much suitable for “stupid” people I think)…that such reporting is necessary. Although their are only a small number of incidences, the only way to keep them small is to raise awareness so that if someone becomes ill with flu like symptoms, they can get treatment and find out if they have it…if they do, you don’t want them running around the country with it now…do you? I’d say you’re comment isn’t worth much…common sense tells me I’d better be careful…I know a bunch of people who spit on the sidewalks, sneeze without covering their mouths and God knows what else! Great reporting Frank…keep up the good work and thanks for making us all aware of the potential threat to our lives and the lives of those we love!

  • Anonymous

    I say we close the fucking boarder and just let them all die.