Jerry Brown sets sights on Maywood PD

California Attorney General Jerry Brown will unveil the findings of a 16-month probe into the Maywood Police Department this afternoon. Here’s the AP’s version of the story:

LOS ANGELES–A small police department that patrols two gritty cities engaged in widespread use of unlawful force and routinely lacked probable cause to justify arrests and searches, the state attorney general said Tuesday.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown released a lengthy report detailing the findings of a 16-month investigation of the Maywood Police Department.

The report slammed the department on several fronts, criticizing its hiring of officers with misdemeanor convictions and its fostering of what it called an endemic attitude of discourtesy, sexism and racial insensitivity.

“The Maywood Police Department engaged in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprived persons of rights, privileges or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution,” the report states.

Maywood Police Chief Frank Hauptmann’s executive assistant Evelyn Ruedas said the chief was declining comment on the report.

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  • LBC Resident

    This is great! I wish he’d do an investigation into the city of Long Beach, cops here are just as bad, corrupt, violating peoples rights, lying to judges to get search warrants, one in particular: Detective Donald Wood. He should extend the investigation into the DA’s office and look at prosecutor Sharon Panian, she’s a DV prosecutor who hides evidence from the judge, while Stalking a married cop with 4 kids.
    this woman should be in jail for the things she gets away with. She’s as corrupt as they come.

  • just browsing around

    LMAO, Det. Wood worked for Maywood.

  • Denise

    Det. Donald Wood works for LBPD lamo

  • Denise

    Det Wood works for LBPD morron