West Covina youths arrested in high school gun plot

Two West Covina teens were arrested in connection with a plot to possibly shoot up an assembly at Covina High School Thursday afternoon, officials said.

The teens, whose names have not been released are in custody, according to West Covina police Chief Frank Wills.
At least one of the teens was arrested on campus. Two firearms were recovered. One a semi-auto that looks like a 9mm. The other appears to be a .357 magnum revolver.
We will have a story on line soon.
* the semi-auto was a Glock 40
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  • Valerie Soughers-Sund

    Wow! I heard about this late last night and just couldn’t believe it. I am a grad from Covina 1975 and
    I live in Lake Elsinore, CA.
    I hope everyone is doing good and I am so glad these
    students were caught just in time.

    Valerie Sund
    Lake Elsinore

  • Jose

    There was police activity in front of the old circut city in eastland center. Lots of police and bullet shells markers. Any idea what happened?