No bailout buck$ for newspapers

This from the Associated Press:

The White House on Monday expressed “concern” and “sadness” over the state of the ailing US newspaper industry, but made clear that a government bailout was not in the cards.

“I don’t know what, in all honesty, government can do about it,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters. “That might be a bit of a tricky area to get into given the differing roles.”

Gibbs was responding to a reporter who asked what the White House thought about the recent closure of several US newspapers and a threat to shut down the venerable Boston Globe.

“Obviously (President Barack Obama) believes there has to be a strong free press,” the spokesman said. “I think there’s a certain concern and a certain sadness when you see cities losing their newspapers or regions of the country losing their newspapers.”

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  • 211guy

    Interesting article that brings up the question; Banks across the country get Billions of American taxpayer cash
    but the banks refuse to fly/display the American Flag outside the bank but the SGVN, Star News always fly our flag in front of business as does Taco Bell, Carls Burger and used car lots.
    Ask your bank manager and see what type of response you get….. (Huh)

  • 211guy

    Speaking of banks; at 1130hr today Wed. it appears Downey Savings on Bonito Av.,San Dimas was robbed again, the suspect “ButterBall Bandito”, 5-6, 250lbs, wore a sterotype cholo type costume.
    Wonder if they display our American Flag or where the security guard was at the time. When you find out let readers know.
    For numerous additional bank robberies type in;