Manson hide-out in Death Valley burned down

From the Associated Press:

Death Valley National Park —  Barker Ranch, a California desert cabin that was Charles Manson’s last hideout, has been gutted by fire.

Death Valley National Park spokesman Terry Baldino said Thursday that the isolated cabin was discovered burned on Tuesday.

He says it’s not known if it was an accident or a deliberate act.

The cabin was last seen intact last Friday and may have burned over the weekend.

Manson and his followers hid at the cabin after killing actress Sharon Tate and seven others in the summer of 1969. He was arrested there that fall and is serving a life sentence.

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  • jACK tHE kNIFE

    One of the seven people killed was a student at Arroyo High School, Named Steve Parent, I went to school with his brother Greg.Funny thing is, You only hear the names of the people of fame, Sad