Thursday’s column (The kindergarten cop)

In case you missed it, Governor Musclehead offered all Californians an Austrian blessing Monday.

I’ll paraphrase it:

May your children be uneducated.

And fires ravage your homes.

May your tax dollars be stolen

and prisoners free to roam.

That sums up the sort of fear-mongering demagogic rhetoric Arnold offered as he pleaded with Californians to vote in favor of more taxes at the polls Tuesday.

Speaking in Culver City earlier this week, the Taxinator also threatened cuts in health care and public safety spending if his tax plan is not passed.

He’s blaming all of us for the state’s misfortune – instead of looking in the mirror and pointing fingers at Republican and Democrat hacks whoring out tax dollars to special interests.

“The people are angry at Sacramento, the people are angry at the politicians,” Schwarzenegger said. “But they should not let that anger out on killing those initiatives, because what they will do is they will hurt their local communities.”

See, it’s your fault.

Arnold has reverted to his role as Det. John Kimble in Kindergarten Cop.

At one point in the pic he yells at the kids, “Stop whining! You kids are soft. You lack discipline.”

He will teach and we will learn. It’s only a matter of time before he utters the German phrase he spoke later on, “Das macht mich stocksauer. Jetzt bin ich sauer.”

(Translation: “This makes me mad. Now I am angry.”)

Next Gov. Musclehead just might start stamping his feet and flexing his muscles to show he means business.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, here’s how Schwarzenegger plans to pay us back when his plan backfires and dies at the ballot box:

“Some of the possibilities he has mentioned in recent days if the measures fail include laying off more than 50,000 teachers, closing dozens of fire stations, releasing 40,000 nonviolent prisoners early and borrowing $2 billion from local governments around the state,” Mercury News reporter Mike Zapler wrote from Sacramento.

Are you scared?

The governor’s failure stems from a total lack of leadership. Instead of standing for something, he stands for compromise.

In Sacramento that doesn’t work. Just ask state Assemblyman Anthony Adams, R-Claremont, who is facing a recall for his willingness to work with Democrats on the budget plan that put us where we are today.

It’s hard to believe the only solutions to the mess we face involves closing schools and releasing felons or stealing more money from hard-working people.

How about paying prison guards less? How about cutting staff in the capitol? How about a spending cap that isn’t tied to increased taxes. Just stop spending.

These are tough times. The governor needs to get some discipline, stop being soft and knock off the whining.

I’ll offer him an Irish blessing from my ancestors in return:

“If God sends you down a stony path,

may he give you strong shoes.”

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4 thoughts on “Thursday’s column (The kindergarten cop)

  1. anyone with high school level economic background would know that, from a fiscal stand point, the government should raise taxes during the good times, and cut taxes to stimulate economy during the bad times. That was what Grey Davis did (increased car taxes in 2003 when the times were good); but dumb Californians (65% of you all) voted him out. In his place, you guys put in a dumb musclehead who CUT taxes in good times, and increased them in bad times…. good job Californians.

    At least W. got half of that equation right; he cut them in good and bad times. Looks like Obama is getting it right — cut them in bad times like now, and will increase them in good times.

  2. yeah that Gray Davis was a real leader….c’mon! These two guys are only a symptom of the overall larger problem…a broken political system in California.

    The State legislators are the ones who have significantly raised our taxes and went ape s?’t with spending. Our system needs much more than simply lowering taxes in tough times and raising them in good times…we need to stop becoming prisoners to the wide range of special interest groups which have used our tax dollars as their own special piggy bank.

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