Neal’s Birthday

Neal Williams would have been 29 today.

In 2007, he was stabbed to death and his two young sons were smothered. Police subsequently arrested his wife Man-ling Tsang Williams on suspicion of murder. She faces trial and possibly the death penalty as a result.
Neal’s mom, Jan Williams, of Whittier, remembered her son in a blog post today at Grief’s Journey. Here’s an excerpt:
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Last year was hard. I’ve said this before, I know, but the pain of losing a child is like a primal scream. It feels like a piece of your very soul has been ripped out and there is no comfort or solace for that kind of pain. Time may dull the edge of it a bit, but you will live with the pain of your loss for the rest of your life. There is no “getting over it”. You can come to accept that loss and make it a part of who you have become, so that you can move ahead in life. But, you always feel sorrow that your child is gone.

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  • 5th Estate

    I am slack jawed.
    What a horrendous crime.

  • Marie

    I hope you keep us posted as to when Man Ling will finally get sentenced. Ive been waiting all this time to see the outcome. I hope she ends up in prison and not a state hospital.

  • Jan Williams

    At the hearing held this morning the DA announced that The People will pursue the death penalty. Pretrial hearing June 29. Trial to begin September 14, and will last 6 weeks.