No more “Good Time” — Whittier sex shop closes

This from the WDN:

WHITTIER – After only a year of being in business, a controversial shop that specializes in adult items has closed.
Good Time, located at 13425 Whittier Blvd., closed on May 28, city officials said. The store had gotten complaints from neighbors who thought it did not belong in a residential neighborhood, officials said.

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  • Stacey F

    Closing good time is absolutely ridiculous. What is illegal about a sex shop? If the city closes anything it should be liquor stores. The people who worked at Good Time were respectful and helpful. Now a Whittier citizen has to go to another city to go to a sex shop? Come one, its 2009 and the community cant get over the fact that people have sex. This is the most ridiculous, pathetic excuse I have ever heard for closing a business. So apparently if I bitch and complain enough to the Whittier superiors I can get what ever I want too?!?!

  • šŸ™

    Why sex shop is prohibited word?

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