West Covina mosque informant sues FBI for $10 million

Craig Monteith, a West Covina native who inflitrated several Southern California mosques filed suit against the FBI asking for $10 million in damages for an informant fee he never received.

Here’s a bit from the Associated Press:

The claim, dated Saturday, alleges the FBI failed to pay Monteilh $100,000 and provide witness protection as part of an exit strategy from his work as an undercover informant in Southern California mosques.

Monteilh, 46, also accuses the FBI of letting him serve eight months in prison on a grand theft charge he said was related to his work on a case involving the illegal distribution of steroids and human growth hormone.

FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said the agency does not comment on claims.

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  • darienne sandoval

    Id like to let you know about a hate crime that was committed against my son,on Saturday night in West Covina. My son, who is of mixed race, black and hispanic, was attacked by more than 15 hispanic individuals as he and a few kids,(1 boy 2 girls) were leaving a house party in West Covina, Saturday night. they beat him and kicked him in the head and face until he was unconscious and left him there as they yelled out the name of their “crew”. My son’s friend got him in the car and on the way to the hospital, they tried to get the attention of a WC Police car that was stopped at the red light they were at to get some assistance in what had happened and were told they were on another call and gave them directions to the hospital, Queen of the Valley. I feel if they would have paid more attention, they could have possibly gone to the scene or at least gotten some information and tried to look for these individuals who did this to my son.
    I have always been under the impression that the role of the Police department, any PD,is to assist people in need or harm. The Police were called to the hospital but not for at least 30 minutes, they told the kids why didnt they let the police know since they were at the party.

    Thank you