UPDATE: W.C. sex offender has tongue bitten off

28591-ronald mcgowan-thumb-300x375.jpgA registered sex offender from West Covina was being held without bail in Murrieta Saturday after having his tongue bitten off by a woman he allegedly sexually assaulted, authorities said.
Ronald Douglas McGowan Jr., 32, was booked on suspicion of rape and robbery Friday when he went to an emergency room for treatment, Murrieta police Sgt. Tony Conrad said.
According to state records, McGowan is a registered sex offender with previous convictions including rape and child molestation.
“I think she showed a lot of courage to fight back,” Conrad said.
In many cases when only property is at stake, police advise crime victims to comply with criminals, he said. “In this case, I think she was fighting to save her life.”
The attack was reported about 10:20 a.m. at an apartment in the 24800 block of Hancock Avenue in Murrieta, Conrad said.
“During the assault, it was determined the victim bit off the suspect’s tongue in an attempt to defend herself,” police said in a written statement. “The tongue was located at the scene by officers.”
Within an hour, McGowan arrived at an area emergency room and was arrested, Conrad said. Doctors could not reattach the tongue.
“It’s uncomfortable for him to speak,” Conrad said, adding that when McGowan does talk, he now slurs his speech.
Police believe McGowan specifically targeted the woman, but declined to give further details about the motive or whether McGowan and the woman knew each other prior to the incident
The woman, who was in her 20s, was initially hospitalized but has since been released Conrad said.
According to court records, McGowan was booked on suspicion of rape, robbery, kidnapping to commit robbery and a special allegation of committing a felony causing great bodily injury with three prior convictions. He is being held without bail and is due for arraignment at the Riverside Superior Court Southwest Justice Center Tuesday.

*Booking photo of Ronald McGowan Jr. courtesy of the Murrieta Police Department

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  • Annette, Pittsburgh, PA

    GOOD! Now this disgusting pervert is a tongueless piece of garbage rather than a regular piece of garbage. Why was this man out free anyway? The three strike law is terrible, people of his nature do not deserve a second chance. I hope this sends a message to all the rapists out there!

    I would like to thank the judge and our court system for letting this creep run free to victimize other women. Why do they lack common sense? Of course he was going to commit this crime again and common sense tells us that based on this mans history. He never should have been let free. I hope this woman’s life is not ruined forever because we have incompetent judges and court systems. The story indicates it was during the act but it doesn’t state if it actually happened. I hope that it didn’t happen and she was able to stop it. The registered sex offender law is a good concept but it’s not enough. This man was regsitered and the area was notified, yet he was still able to victimize again.

    Good for you Miss for defending yourself and doing what our judges and court systems should have done. Now he will have something to remind him of what he did-oh wait, no he will not it was bitten off! Ha-ha, no pity from me LOSER! May God never forgive you.

  • Kirsten

    Hahaha, OWNED. Now if we didn’t live in such a sissified society, his tongue wouldn’t be the only body part he’d lose.

  • ruby

    Kudos to the woman who not only fought back, but in return caused this scumbag to feel pain in return! Ha! This is a double-wammy, he will be incarcerated and WITHOUT most of his tongue. Not to mention the friendly inmates he will meet in jail. Ah, sweet revenge. I’m sure his mouth won’t be the only part of his body that is sore when he gets booked for good.

  • Piru

    Ron is/was a vendor/merchandiser for DPI.He serviced my location as well as several others in the Temucula/Murrieta area.I find it hard to believe that Ron could be involved in something so despicable.My co-workers are dumbfounded.On the surface he’s extremely
    likable and engaging,someone I almost invited to my home.
    To find out that he is a registered sex offender only adds insult to injury.How he was allowed to work in stores where unsuspecting children were at risk baffles me.His employers’ background checking procedures are in need of a serious upgrade/update.I can only applaud the
    young lady for her resolve to survive and pray that with time/therapy she can and will go on to lead a happy and productive life.

  • ukn

    Omg i couldnt believe this when i saw him on tv. I used to see this man, and he’d come to my home on a regular in between drops for his employer, ron was always very coridal and affectionate…to think i had this man in my home and not to mention where my kids live…im greatful he was never around them but i really liked this man thought he was a genuine person and was amazingly affectionate towards me….i was just in aw, dumbfounded, scared, no words to describe what i felt and i had just seen him a couple months before that happened… lesson learned ladies, u can never know or be so sure, get info from the men you date, first and last names and run a check on them on “meagans law” i know this experience has changed my life forever.

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    he should be in jail

  • Morgandy Hill

    Are there any updates on the status on this case? I’d like to hear about if he’s been sentenced and what’s going on with his case.

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