Victim’s father says he suspected LAPD involvement in homicide

Sherri Rasmussen was beaten and shot to death back in 1986. Originally police suspected burglars were responsible for the crime, but last week Detective Stephanie Lazarus, one of LA’s finest, was arrested on suspicion of the crime after detectives made a DNA link to the case.

Rasmussen’s father told the LA Times he believed after the slaying that there might be LAPD involvement in the homicide.
Here’s a bit of their story:

After Sherri Rae Rasmussen was beaten and shot to death in 1986, her father urged Los Angeles police to investigate a fellow officer who had had confrontations with his daughter in the months leading up to her death, according to attorneys for the victim’s family.

But Nel Rasmussen’s pleas, which he said he made during several interviews with police and in a letter to then-Chief Daryl F. Gates, apparently were ignored by detectives as they pursued a different theory of how his daughter had been killed.

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  • Tax paying citizen

    Thieves, biggots, drug dealing/using, murderers and all around rouge cops seem to be a problem for the LAPD. She deserves the death penatly, as well as reimbursing the city of Los Angeles for twenty years of payroll. Her retirement pay should be revoked. Bad cops i.e, Capt. Julie Neslon should not be collecting a pension. They are common criminals!

  • we’ll just hope that justice will be given and the people involved with this must face the punishment that they supposed to deserve long time ago.

  • los angeles

    I hope the men that were accused of the killing were released immediateally and the reporter should get there take on this. i wonder were they black and if thje arresting officier were the one’s to arest them, and what the parent of the young lady has to say to them.

  • Beth

    Det. Lazurus makes Capt. Nelson look like a Rookie.

    And @los angeles…are you kidding? no one was ever arrested until now….they thought 2 hispanic suspects in a nearby robbery were responsible, but they got away. No arrest or identification was ever made.