Five jailed in suspected nation-wide burglary ring

MONTEBELLO — Two additional suspects believed to be part of a nationwide burglary crew that was busted Tuesday at the Montebello Town Center are in custody, authorities said Thursday.
Los Angeles police did not release the names of the suspects citing the ongoing investigation.
The first three suspects were arrested while trying to break into a jewelry store at the shopping center, at 2134 Montebello Town Center, shortly after 5 a.m. Tuesday, Montebello police Lt. Brian Bart said.
LAPD officials had tipped off local authorities that the burglary crew may have been planning to strike at the mall that morning, he said.
“It was a good effort by multiple agencies,” Bart said.
After the three suspects were arrested at the mall, Montebello and Monterey Park police searched the area seeking additional suspects, LAPD officials said, but none were found.
LAPD detectives then worked with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Glendale and Santa Ana Police Police Departments to serve search warrants at six Southland locations, according to an LAPD statement.
The two additional suspects were arrested during the search, and evidence connecting them to the crimes was recovered, police added.
Los Angeles police described all five suspects as black men in their mid-20s to mid-40s. They have been booked on suspicion of burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary.
“The crew’s method of operation was to hit shopping malls during off-hours and burglarize predetermined jewelry businesses,” the LAPD statement said.
Police added the alleged crew is believed to be connected to a commercial burglary ring “that has been active in at least five states, spanning from coast to coast.”
Detectives from the LAPD’s Southeast Area Property Crimes Unit had been looking into the suspected burglary crew for four months prior to the arrest, officials said.

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  • 211guy

    Excellent re-cap of incident but grossly understated by police, these common street gang thugs are usually controlled by Columbian and Russian crime cartels, see FBI, Interpol, Jewelry Security Alliance websites, the cartels “order” exactly the items they want and the local thugs do the dirty work in trade for military weapons and drugs. The losses reported by Jewelry stores and salesmen are in the 100s of millions per year but many are unreported due to ‘bad publicity'(sounds like Banks).
    Prior to 9-11-02 the crime cartels themselves, made up of ex-military and police, committed the crimes and were on a plane hours after the hits but new restrictions force them to use street gangs as middlemen.
    This issue addressed numerous times in past postings of ‘Bank Terrorism Alerts'(click sidebar) 8-10-08/8-6-08 and prior.
    Or just Google “Columbian Jewel Thieves”

  • More Info. on “Jewelry Jackers” from Orange County Register. This is just tip of the iceburg

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